Prodimed’s formula for success

Unhealthy excess weight can lead to a large number of physical and mental issues. For example, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Depression and sleeping problems. Painful joints and bowel issues. The body is sick.

Prodimed tackles the problem at its core. First, we combat the cause of the illness. Then, the body is given time to heal. And finally, you make a healthy diet and lifestyle your own – permanently. Reset. Recover. Control.

Reset: regain balance in your body

The first phase of your Prodimed Programme resets your body, as it were. This phase makes the Prodimed method unique. A body with excess weight is more or less sick: it has to heal first and settle before it can adjust to a new diet and lifestyle routine.

Combat inflammation

Why is this reset so important? Stress and unhealthy foods change the balance of micro-organisms in the gut and undermine the way the immune system protects the intestinal wall. The intestinal wall becomes inflamed and leaks substances that end up in the liver via the bloodstream. In turn, the liver becomes inflamed, driving up the level of inflammation in the body. The result is cholesterol oxidation, less nitrogen monoxide for the muscles around the arteries, and increased blood pressure.


Restore balance

The reset puts your body in a good starting position for completing the road to your target weight successfully and without much effort. During this phase, you will mostly eat and drink high-protein and low-carbohydrate Prodimed products. In addition, you will be using a high-quality pre-probiotic supplement to settle the gut and lower the level of inflammation in your body.

Recover: Your body in recovery

After your body has been reset and the fat metabolism has started up, the recover phase focuses on the recovery of your body and your organs. The ingenious diet of Prodimed nutrition ensures that your liver no longer has to process an excess of carbohydrates, and that any inflammation in your body (important for fighting bacteria and viruses) remains at a healthy level.

Bioactive substances

The bioactive substances in the supplements that complement your food during this phase ensure that you quickly feel noticeably better. Mentally too, which is very important to keep working towards your target weight.


Recovery and stabilisation

Your body gets rid of more harmful toxins (drinking plenty of fluids is very important here), the metabolism in the cells is recovering, and your immune system is getting stronger. Your blood levels are now also able to stabilise.


Phasing out Prodimed products

Whereas your diet consists of only Prodimed products during the reset phase, these will be phased out step by step during the recover phase with the help of your dietician. After every success you achieve, you will replace one meal from the Prodimed range with a meal you prepare yourself. Your dietician is at hand to give you advice and recipes to make the switch healthy, tasty and rewarding!

Control: your body under control

Stabilisation and aftercare are essential to maintain the target weight you will reach at the end of your recover phase. A carbohydrate addiction is a genuine addiction and the risk of relapse requires definite attention. During the control phase, your dietician will monitor you and your weight closely to see how you are doing.

A healthy diet and lifestyle

You will now be preparing all your meals yourself (with advice, tips, and recipes from your dietician) and you are completely in charge of what you eat. You will still be using one Prodimed food supplement throughout this phase (which will last for at least 12 months). The bioactive substances in this supplement ensure your metabolism stays active, and they protect your gut. What’s more, they help you to be effortlessly determined and make a healthy diet and lifestyle your own – permanently.

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